PICCC Partners Meeting on Sep. 7, 2017

On September 7, Kamehameha Schools hosted a Partners Meeting in Honolulu. It is always fun to get everyone in the same room, however this meeting was meant to continue advancing the dialogue on Climate Change Adaptation within a partnership context.








We are so thankful for our dedicated partners both in the State of Hawai‘i, but also the greater Pacific Islands. We walked down memory lane to emphasize our growth as a boundary organization and how our strategic plan has advanced our working relationships and our impacts. Over the years we have relied on the wisdom and guidance from our many partners, so it was fun to share our progress on many projects and highlighted how our initiatives are advancing our work.

PICCC Partner Mtg PP_090717_sa

PICCC Partner Mtg PP_090717_m







We can’t thank you enough for your guidance & support in all that we do! We look forward to finding new ways to strengthen our efforts into the future, no matter what that structure may look like. There are always uncertainties in our work, but it is always refreshing knowing that we our efforts are making waves! Mahalo nui loa to our community of supporters!