Climate Stories in the Pacific Islands

Photo credit: Liz West, Flickr

NOAA’s  Pacific Islands Climate Storybook provides a detailed overview of climate change impacts, needs, and lessons learned across the Pacific. Through experiential knowledge, scientific data, and lessons learned from these community engagement processes, the Storybook highlights the major impact that climate change is having in communities across the Pacific and the strategies that are being used […]

In case you missed it…

(Credit: Curt Storlazzi, USGS)

  In case you missed the PICCC’s August webinar with Dr. Curt Storlazzi, “Future wave projections for the US and US-affiliated Pacific Islands”, access the recorded webinar using the links below (you will need to download the WebEx software to access the webinar): Streaming version:  Downloadable version: Webinar Overview Understanding the potential changes in waves […]

The PICCC at the Hawai`i Conservation Conference


With so many developments and updates in the realm of climate science and conservation, how can one organization keep up?  The PICCC employs several strategies, but one important strategy is to attend conferences, workshops, and other large meetings to get to know new faces, reunite with old colleagues, and learn about advancements in climate change […]