Marine Communities Adaptation Initiative

Photo credit: Hawai’i Department of Land and Natural Resources

Locations: Hawai’i and the Pacific Islands Region

How will Climate Change affect our Coastal Marine Ecosystems and what actions can Biocultural Resource Managers do to reduce climate and non-climate stressors?

This initiative strives to better understand the impacts of extreme climate events on the biophysical and marine resources at island and archipelago scales. For management strategies, we want to broaden our knowledge and evaluate the effects of response decisions and actions to ensure that the State of Hawai’i can increase resiliency of our coral reef ecosystems in the face of climate change. We will analyze past responses to other extreme climate events and develop a suite of marine resource policies and management actions to better respond to future variability and adaptation to climate change.

To learn more about one of the projects in this initiative please check out the following project:

Coral Reef Climate Response Through Collaborative Marine Spatial Planning Creating Management Hotspots

Project Partners:

Stanford University

Hawai’i Division of Aquatic Resources

NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center