Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment

Completion date December 31, 2011
(Credit: Graphic from of Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment, 2012)

Location: Pacific Region

How will climate change impact Hawai‘i and all of the US-Affiliated Pacific islands?

A team of climate change experts, researchers, and sector leaders collaborated on the Pacific Island Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA) in 2012 as a part of a series of regional contributions to the 2013 National Climate Assessment. This effort aimed to assess climate change impacts and adaptive capacity in Hawai‘i and the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands. The report highlights the findings and discusses major concerns for the Pacific islands, including: decreased freshwater supplies, higher air temperatures, higher sea-surface temperatures, rising sea levels, and threats to traditional lifestyles.

Project Partners: 

Pacific RISA

NOAA Regional Climate Services, Pacific Region