Using Time Series Data to Understand Stresses on Coral Reefs

Completion date December 31, 2011
Fish and Coral_Jim Maragos USFWS
(Credit: Jim Maragos, USFWS)

Location: Pacific Region

How has climate change been impacting Pacific Ocean resources?

This project developed time series data crucial to the understanding of climate change and its environmental impacts in the U.S. flag islands of the Pacific. These data, freely available for public use, define the “ocean climate,” the recent and current ocean conditions that govern reef processes. These observations, compiled for the first time, are valuable in understanding ecosystem variability and processes, such as reproduction and survival, which determine the health of wildlife populations. This project provides island-specific data (including waves, sea-surface temperature, chlorophyll-a, and solar radiation); island and basin scale data (including wind and ocean current); and basin scale data (including sea-surface height, dissolved inorganic carbon, and precipitation).

Project Partners:

Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa

NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center, Coral Reef Ecosystem Division