Filming Climate Adaptation Videos on Hawai‘i

OrigMediaLogo1030x1030We have been working with Jeff Orig, founder and director of Orig Media on 6 short videos (5 minutes each) of resource managers here in the Hawaiian Islands who are already adapting to Climate Change in their day to day work. We are hoping to share and inspire two audiences with these videos. First we wanted to share them with bio-cultural resource managers here in Hawai’i so we could highlight how they are building the adaptive capacity & resiliency from the ground up. Second, we also wanted to inspire the next generation of managers to see themselves in these people we were highlighting.









On August 10th, PICCC had the opportunity to assist with the interviews and collaborate with two of our partners for our last two films. Our first stop was Honokea Loko I’a, a fishpond in Waiuli or Richardsonʻs Beach Park (County Park) and the lokoiʻa (fishpond) within the park is known as Honokea Loko maintained by Hui Hoʻoleimaluō, a community/voluneer group led by Kamala Anthony.

It was fun to see people of all ages coming together to care for the fishponds, school groups using it as their classroom, and applying climate research to adapt to a changing ecosystem. This was also very special because this was also an exemplary Manager Climate Corps project through the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo that brings researchers and managers together to focus on community projects. We can’t wait to share this video with you soon!









We then drove up to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park to interview Sierra McDaniel a botanist adapting to climate change by holding the line of other threats like invasive ungulates through fencing, removing invasive plants, and fire management. Then the park is working with many partners propagating rare plants and replant them back into forests that will be best suited for changing future climates. It was remarkable to hear about the long history of adaptive management in the park, but very inspiring to see some of these climate adaptation strategies being put to work. We hope to debut these films in the coming month with partners and the public. Please stay tuned at: