New Funding Opportunity: Extreme Climate Events in Marine Communities

The PICCC is moving forward with the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) for FY2017 in support of efforts to learn from the impacts of extreme climate events in marine communities in Hawai’i and U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands. The variety of extreme climate events that have recently occurred in the Pacific (including El Niño, drought, coral bleaching, and tropical cyclone damage) provides a unique and timely opportunity for coastal and marine stakeholders to learn from the actions taken in anticipation or response to these extreme events, and position themselves to better adapt to future variability and climate change.

The PICCC is soliciting statements of interest, and later proposals, from teams made up of communities, marine resource managers, researchers and/or decision-makers who are confronting these impacts and seeking improved management or policy responses in preparation for future events.

The PICCC will select one or more teams that best demonstrate the ability to collaborate and work cooperatively with the PICCC in an Adaptation Initiative to:

  • Understand the impacts of extreme climate events on the biophysical environment and marine resources at island-wide or archipelagic scales;
  • Evaluate the effects of response decisions and actions;
  • Learn from past responses to other extreme climate events; and
  • Establish or update marine resource policies and management actions to better respond to future variability and adaptation to climate change.

The NOFO can be found on by searching for CFDA # 15.669 (enter 15.669 in the search field). The full NOFO and the required application materials are found under the Related Documents tab.

Statements of Interest are due to PICCC on August 1, 2016. PICCC will also be holding two informational conference calls on June 30, 2016. Please see the Section V. of the NOFO for call-in times and details.

Please feel free to contact Jeff Burgett at 808-687-6175 x 1002 or with any questions about the proposal content or application procedures. And please forward this opportunity widely.