We’re Hiring!


The Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative Administrative Assistant position is supported by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa The Pacific Island Climate Change Cooperative (PICCC) is accepting applications for an Administrative Assistant to join our small but dynamic team in Honolulu, Hawai’i. This is a part-time temporary position (19 hrs./week) supported by UH Mānoa’s Pacific […]

Understanding Downscaled Models in Hawai`i


Accumulating greenhouse gases are causing the climate system of the Earth to move into states that have not been observed in historic time.  Computer models of the global atmosphere and ocean are able to simulate these new climate states, but the “pixel” size of these models is large compared to islands.  To project local future […]

Protecting our Cultural Heritage: the PICCC on ThinkTechHawaii


Think Tech Hawai`i recently featured the PICCC’s own Stanton Enomoto in a discussion of the impact of climate change on cultural heritage and steps we can all take to adapt. Take a look at the video to learn more about the PICCC’s programs and projects and what we can all do to confront climate change.

How do you feel about climate change?

Activists pose during a climate change rally prior to the IPCC Paris Meeting in 2015.

Climate change: two simple words that can evoke a number of emotions. Some emotions can be negative: fear, uncertainty, overwhelmed. But on occasion, like during the recent IPCC Meeting in Paris, the words can inspire hope and optimism, as the entire world aspires to address pollution and adapt to environmental change. But how do scientists feel about climate change? […]

Climate change impacts the iconic Silversword

A silversword on Haleakalā (Credit: Paul Krushelnycky)

A new study shows how shifting atmospheric circulation patterns, caused at least in part by climate change, are threatening populations of the silversword on Haleakalā. This study, published in Climate Change Responses and supported in part by the PICCC, details the impact of climate change on this iconic, unique plant. Paul Krushelnycky, of the University of Hawai`i Mānoa, and […]

Pacific Climate Coordination Round-Up

A view of Pola Island in the National Park of American Samoa.

In late January and early February, some PICCC team members traveled to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Guam, and American Samoa in order to engage local resource managers in cross-sectoral coordination dialogues about climate change adaptation strategies and opportunities. Within each Territory, workshops provided an overview of current climate hazards facing islands, future […]

Dr. Jeff Burgett on ThinkTech Hawaii


The PICCC’s Science Coordinator Dr. Jeff Burgett was featured on ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss climate change challenges and solutions for forest birds in Hawai`i. Dr. Burgett also discussed strategies for helping communities adapt to climate change. Watch the video on YouTube!  

The PICCC Featured in the ESRI Story Maps Gallery


The PICCC’s Story Map, “Challenges and Opportunities for Hawaiian Native Forest Birds in the 21st Century” is now being featured in the ESRI Story Maps Gallery! Check out the ESRI Story Maps Gallery, and in case you missed them, check out the PICCC’s Story Maps.